Shubham Deepak Lad, Najla Shafighi *

bbw University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, Germany

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Abstract: The purpose of this study is to assess the impact on inventory management in the ecommerce industry created due to the Covid-19 pandemic and to find out what factors really caused inefficiencies in the inventory performance in the ecommerce industry. In this study, the quantitative approach has been used where responses were collected from 100 supply chain professionals who directly or indirectly had experience in the field of managing inventory in the ecommerce industry. With the help of the survey responses, the author conducted a series of analysis such as regression, ANOVA, correlation, where in this analysis it has been concluded that both the independent variables (changes in demand and logistical & supply chain constraints due to Covid-19 pandemic) are significantly correlated with the impact on inventory performance.

Keywords: Inventory management, E-commerce industry, Covid-19, Pandemic, Supply Chain, Retail


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Categories: Vol 2. Issue 4. (2023)
Author: 1 Shubham Deepak Lad, 2 Najla Shafighi
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