Upcoming & Past Conferences

In this page you can find out about the past and upcoming BESRA conferences.

Upcoming conferences

The upcoming conferences will be announced soon! Stay Tuned! 

Past Conferences

!Note! BESRA is a partner with the below conference in Malaysia at Aisa Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU). Therefore you will be redirected to the conference page when you click on “more info”. The submission, registration, and participation will be taken care by the main organiser who is APU. BESRA would facilitate publication of selected papers from this conference.


24 - 25 Oct 2023

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

International Conference of Digital Business Society and Economy (ICDBSE) 2023



20 - 21 Oct 2023

Berlin, Germany

International Conference on Business, Management, and Green Economy (ICBMGE 2023)



18 - 19 June 2023

Washington DC, USA

International conference on Recent developments in social science and digital economy (ICRDSSDE 2023)