About Us

Who We Are?

The purpose of the Bureau for Engagement in Scientific Research & Academic Exchange (BESRA AcadEx) is to create a dynamic and comprehensive research platform to bring together research scholars, businesses, and academics to address the key challenges faced by the international community. This would be achieved by organizing conferences, round tables, and seminars around the world. The output will focus on the development of the practical solutions for national and international public and private sectors’ issues. The outcome of the said activities will be published (as book, special issue in the IJABS journal, or in the conference proceedings) and will be made available to the research/academic community. BESRA encourages academics and researchers to share their experiences and to contribute to the development of the interdisciplinary research. The Bureau would further offer the research community the opportunity to create lasting relationships for future collaborations through digitalized tools.


BESRA will create a platform of support for researchers to enable interdisciplinary research advances.


To achieve excellence in research, BESRA will:

  • Partner with other research communities
  • Promote ethical conduct of research
  • Create transparent research administration
  • Support interdisciplinary research

Our Achievements