Chen Feifei1,2, *, Li Huifen1,2, Zhang Yue1,2, Cheok Mui Yee2

1Guangzhou City Construction College, China

2Graduate School of Business, Universiti Tun Abdul Razak, Malaysia

*Corresponding e-mail:



Venture capital has played an increasingly important role in China’s innovation, entrepreneurship and economic development. This paper sorts out the relevant domestic and foreign literature in a systematic way from the seven influencing factors of the location distribution of venture capital, and compares the progress and deficiency of venture capital research in China. Based on the review, this paper proposes two research directions that can be further explored in the future: the spatial distribution pattern of venture capital and the location characteristics of venture capital enterprises. The research in this paper can provide useful implications for venture capital research and practice.


Keywords: venture capital; location distribution; influencing factors


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Categories: Vol 2. Issue 4. (2023)
Author: 1 Chen Feifei, 2 Li Huifen, 3 Zhang Yue, 4 Cheok Mui Yee
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