Feng Yanfei 12, Dr. Vincent Wee Eng Kima 1

1 Universiti Tun Abdul Razak(UNIRAZAK)

2 School of Engineering Architecture, Zhejiang Guangsha Vocational and Technical University of Construction,

Dongyang, 322,100, China

Corresponding Email: 644807541@qq.com


The architectural design course should focus on reflecting the characteristics that vocational undergraduate architectural design courses should possess: by improving the teaching requirements, expanding the curriculum system, and adjusting teaching methods, the course should reflect high-level characteristics; By constructing a content framework for career design and organically integrating career theory, the course highlights its professionalism; By reshaping course objectives, reconstructing course content, and transforming course delivery methods, this course demonstrates innovation. At present, the course is facing practical difficulties such as the lack of teaching guidelines or curriculum standards, support from teaching and research achievements, and support from teaching resources. It is necessary to steadily improve the quality and teaching effectiveness of vocational undergraduate education architectural design courses by leveraging the educational function of the course, consolidating teaching research, writing new textbooks, and improving teacher abilities.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.59857/IJABS.6439


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Categories: Vol 3. Issue 1. (2024)
Author: 1 Feng Yanfei, 2 Dr. Vincent Wee Eng Kima
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