Gaikwad Yashh Hemant 1, Najla Shafighi 2*

bbw University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, Germany

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Inventory management being the significant part of the supply chain drives the maximum monetary value. The purpose of this study is to optimize an inventory for Vhrushi India Pvt. Ltd. by reducing the inventory cost and developing an inventory management system. The Quantitative approach is used for the research work. The inventory cost reduction is performed by application of EOQ modeland excel visual basics is used for Inventory Management system. The author intends to determine the appropriate order quantity and reorder point by implementation of EOQ (Economic Order Quantity) model. As technology advances, businesses must manage their inventories quickly, precisely, and accurately to support their operations. Therefore, the development of inventory management system is the second part of the research which smoothens the material flow and rings transparency in it by tracking the material movement and reducing the human errors. The result of the investigation provides economic order quantities, reorder points for all the items and IMS developed. Furthermore, the regression analysis enhances the value of the findings which shows two independent variables which are unit price and holding cost are significantly correlated with the Inventory cost. In this case, Holding Cost is considered as the most important factor in terms of affecting the Inventory Cost.


Keywords: Economic Order Quantity, Inventory Optimization, IMS, Holding Cost, Reorder Point


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Categories: Vol 2. Issue 1. (2023)
Author: 1 Gaikwad Yashh Hemant, 2 Najla Shafighi
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