Tan Pei Ling, Tee Poh Kiong, Rahilah Binti Ahmad

Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

*Corresponding e-mail: poh.kiong@apu.edu.my and rahilah@apu.edu.my


In the contemporary era of technological advancement characterized by the flourishing of online shopping and the fashion e-commerce industry, it is essential for fashion retail enterprises to possess a comprehensive understanding of the interrelationship between content marketing and customer engagement to achieve success. This study aims to examine the impact of content marketing strategies on customer engagement in online fashion stores in Malaysia, offering retailers effective content marketing strategies to engage with customers. Using the quantitative research method, a sample of 172 respondents from Generation Z in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, participated in an online survey via Google Forms. The Uses and Gratifications Theory was adopted in the study to gain a comprehensive understanding of the motivations and reasons that drive individuals’ engagement on online fashion stores. Pearson Correlation analysis and Multiple Linear Regression were used to determine the relationship between the independent and dependent variables and test the hypothesis’s validity. The study discovered that content informativeness, content interactivity, and content entertainment have a significant relationship with customer engagement on fashion websites. Specifically, content informativeness has the strongest positive relationship with customer engagement on fashion retail websites in Malaysia. The study’s results provide valuable insights for fashion online retailers in optimizing their website’s content marketing strategies to better engage with customers and ultimately increase sales based on content characteristics such as informative, interactive, and entertaining content. Therefore, they could gain competitive advantages by implementing website content optimization.

Keywords: Content Informativeness, Content Interactivity, Content Entertainment, Customer Engagement

DOI: https://doi.org/10.59857/IJABS.2581

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Categories: Vol 3. Special Issue 1. (2024)
Author: 1 Tan Pei Ling, 2 Tee Poh Kiong, 3 Rahilah Binti Ahmad
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